Working at G’s

Our seasonal work is mostly manual planting, picking and harvesting of salad and vegetable crops, which involve a considerable amount of bending, walking and lifting.

We work outdoors in all weathers and the jobs tend to be physically demanding.
It requires you to be physically fit, on your feet and moving all day, self-disciplined with a repetitive task, quick, and able to work full days.

We will place you safely in fields, working 2m away from other people or where this is more difficult we have introduced physical barriers in work stations to provide protection and have strict hygiene protocols. If transport to the field is required we have reduced the numbers on each bus in order to keep to the 2m distance guideline.

Full induction and training will be given for the job that you will be doing. We will also arrange for you to open a bank account and register with the medical centre.

Types of jobs available:


Field Based Operator:
This work is agricultural and based outdoors.
You will be planting and harvesting a variety of salad and vegetable crops.


Production Operator:
This type of work includes grading, trimming, labelling and packing salad and vegetable crops.


Skilled jobs:
These include tractor driving, operating a forklift truck, being a member of our quality team, driving a bus or operating our spray equipment, as well as supervisory and administrative roles. Additional training will be given.


All work is paid in line with the National Living Wage (£8.72 per hour from April 2020). Most jobs are paid by piecework, which means the more you produce the more money you can earn!

Piecework rates vary according to weather conditions and the crop.

You will be paid weekly, one week in arrears, and your wages are paid directly into your bank account.

Holiday and sickness pay will be in accordance with UK employment legislation.